Being people-oriented, the Company gives full play to employees’ knowledge, skills, talent and professionalism. The Company strictly obeys Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations that have significant impact for employment management. Such laws and regulations require the Company to recruit employees in a fair and equitable manner and to enter into labor contracts with employees that specify the duration of employment and the reasons for termination. These laws and regulations also require the Company to determine wage distribution method and wage level according to law, pay employees on time according to law, and guarantee workers’ rights to take rest and leaves.

The Company formulates the Attendance Regulations and the Labour Contract Regulation and other internal regulations and implementation rules according to relevant laws and regulations. During the recruitment process, the Company strictly reviews the information of the new employees and handles the recruitment procedures according to the laws. The Company fully respects the dignity and personal equality of every employee, forbids any form of insulting discrimination, and firmly prohibits forced, threatening, abusive or exploitative labor behaviors and the employment of employees under 18 years old. In 2020, the Company was not aware of any major violation of employment laws and regulations.
(I) Employee Diversity

The Company values fairness and diversity. The diversity in race, gender, age, skill, educational background, industry experience and other qualities of the employees lay a foundation for the Company in creating a diversified and inclusive corporate culture.

(II) Protecting Employees’ Rights and Interests

The Company continuously optimizes policies for the personal management, improves human resource management systems in the headquarters and branches, and formulates administrative implementation rules and operating procedures, so as to attract and retain talents. The Company also provides competitive salary, welfare and incentive mechanism for employees, reasonably arranges employees’ work and vacation time, thus protecting employees’ health and safety and providing warm-hearted care to them.

  • 1Employee Communication

    The Company has set up departments for protecting employees’ rights and interests, such as the trade union and employees’ congress, and established democratic management mechanisms to collect and address feedbacks on a timely basis. At the same time, the Company also conducted investigation at the primary level, including seminars, to understand the development of businesses at the primary level, and collect opinions and suggestions from the primary level on the Company.

    The Company has carried out employee satisfaction surveys for years, and generated “Employee Satisfaction Report” to provide feedback to departments. This contributes to an efficient and collaborative organizational atmosphere for the mutual development of employees and the Company.

  • 2Compensation and Benefits, Leaves and Working Hours

    The Company’s employee compensation consists of salary, annual bonus, special reward and insurance benefits. The Company adopts a bonus incentive principle of sharing system and bonus is always linked to business performance of the Company. The Company recognizes that the profits are mainly directly made by the business departments, and distributes bonus based on “more bonuses to business lines, more to profitable business lines, and more to important and innovative business lines”. In bonus distribution, the Company also recognizes the role and value of middle and back office.

    The Company has established a comprehensive welfare and security system. In addition to basic social insurance, such as basic ageing care, basic medical care, unemployment, work injury, and maternity, the Company provides supplementary commercial insurance, including major illness insurance and accident injury insurance, etc. The Company also provides other benefits such as corporate annuities.

    The Company formulated Attendance Management to standardize the leave management. The types of leave include national holiday, paid annual leave, personal leave, sick leave, occupational injury leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, maternity incentive leave, paternity leave, family planning leave and breast-feeding leave.

  • 3Protecting Employees’ Health and Safety

    The Company insists on prioritizing the people orientated standard and valuing to life. The Company regards protecting the safety and health rights of employees as the fundamental responsibility to employees.

    Under the policy of safety first, prevention first and comprehensive management, the Company strictly abides by the Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Fire Control Law of the People’s Republic of China and other laws and regulations. The Company establishes and improves labour safety and health systems, strictly implements national labour safety and health regulations and standards, and provides employees with trainings on labour safety and health. The Company actively fulfils its obligations to maintain fire safety, protects fire facilities, prevents fire accidents, and reports fire alarms to ensure fire safety. The Company has established CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. Fire Management Regulations, CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. Security Management Regulations, CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. Tenants and Visitors Management Regulations, CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. Office Building Item Entry and Exit Regulation and other related rules and regulations. Adhering to the security work principals of “Individual Protection, Physical Protection, and Technical Protection”, the Company comprehensively strengthens various security measures to ensure the absolute safety of operations. The Company has also established a Security Leadership Group, and assigned the safety officer for each department to carry out various safety work, and comprehensively covers the safety tasks within the Company.

    In 2020, the Company carried out fire safety inspections, arranged fire drills and fire extinguisher operation trainings for employees, and regularly pushed fire safety knowledge and emergency skills through official WeChat public account to improve employees’ emergency handling and self-rescue capabilities. The Company developed intelligent building system, and installed facial recognition system in all gates to efficiently and conveniently manage incoming and outgoing employees and visitors.

    Every year, the Company organizes all employees to get medical examination and provides benefits such as free influenza and hepatitis B vaccine. The Company has cooperated with Dingxiang Health Service to provide employees with services such as health assessment, health consultation, and health science popularization, and actively conduct training seminars that are beneficial to the physical and mental health of employees to help release pressure.

(III) Empowering Employee
  • 1Employee Training

    The Human Resources Department of the Company makes annual training plans according to the existing training system and in combination with business requirements every year, and provides comprehensive or professional training courses for employees at different positions and levels, in order to help employees achieve their own development, implement the goal of training talents, and achieve common growth of employees and the Company.

    Management Training

    The Company has launched the “Voyage Plan” and “Sailing Plan” for the middle-level management to broaden their visions, and organized cross-border visits and exchanges on innovative topics with high-tech companies. Third-party consulting companies have also been invited to assess the leadership style of the participants, provide professional evaluation, and guide the participants to comprehensively use diversified management styles and methods in management so as to meet the development needs of the Company.

    Backup Management Training

    The Company has launched the “Sailing Plan” targeted at backup management. The training is conducted in the form of online courses and case studies, which selects trainees to act as internal instructors so as to develop their leadership skills. In addition, department heads are also invited to act as mentors to give daily training and guidance, facilitating the development of backup management.

    New Employee Training

    For new employees, the Company has adopted an approach combining “live broadcast + online push” based on the overall course framework, and applied the “4321” training system (“Four steps training system”, “Triple teamwork”, “Two major challenges” and “A growth profile”) to help new employees acquire basic skills and rapidly grow into combat-capable professionals. The Company has built an interactive platform within and between the trainee groups, and launched new teamwork programs such as the “Charm Display and Design Competition” and “Grief Grocery Store” to fully motivate new employees, increase cohesion among them, and cultivate teamwork spirit.

  • 2Employee Promotion

    The Company has a scientific rank system for employees’ promotion and performance evaluation, and provides equal development opportunities for all employees.

    Case:Promotion Ceremony for ED/MD Employees

    In order to enhance the sense of responsibility and honour among the newly promoted senior employees, the Company promotes horizontal communication among employees from different departments. In 2020, the Company held promotion ceremony and communication meeting for newly promoted ED (Executive Director)/MD (Managing Director). Zhang Youjun, Chairman of the Company, attended the meeting and sent cheerful message to newly-promoted senior employees and expressed his hope.

(IV) Employee Care

The Company promotes healthy working methods, attaches great importance to care of employees, provides a good working environment for employees, and strives to improve employees’ well-being. In 2020, the Company launched a variety of employee activities to enrich employees' work and life, strengthen communication among employees, and enhance team cohesion.

Case:Walkouts to Celebrate the Company’s 25th Anniversary

At the 25th anniversary of the Company, CITIC Securities organized walkout activities to encourage employees to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air outdoors. Departments, subsidiaries and branches actively participated in the activity. The activity also integrated learning of Party building, company development history, discipline inspection, compliance and trade union, through online and offline activities.

  • 1Grassroot Labor Unions Activities

    In 2020, the Company continued to strengthen its support to the activities of grassroot trade unions, by promoting the construction of “Home to Staff”.

  • 2Care for Female Employees

    The Company cares about the physical and mental health of female employees. It organizes activities and protects their rights and interests. In 2020, the Company further reviewed and updated the special collective contract for the protection of the rights and interests of the Company and female employees, and set up breastfeeding rooms and “mummy huts” for their convenience. During Women's Day, the Company carried out “On-line Fitness Activity” and “Learning a Classical Dance” activity for female employees.

  • 3Employee Mutual Fund

    The Company adheres to the concept of “No One is Left Behind Along the Road to Well-off” with focus on three major groups, including those with serious illness, whose families in need and single mothers in need. The Company set up Employee Mutual Fund. In 2020, the Company allocated RMB 542,500 to help nine qualified employees from families in need and eight employees with serious illnesses.