Business Introduction

A through transformation from Brokerage Service towards Wealth Management has been launched, the corresponding business model is under construction. In light of our customer-oriented business philosophy and business principle which is to help the asset of clients to preserve and thrive, CITICS Wealth Management Committee provides comprehensive finance solutions to our customers, including trade service, investment management, asset allocation and succession.

  • 11.4mn

    Cumulative Clients
  • 97k

    Asset is under custodian
  • 140k

    wealth customers
  • 170k

    Institutional Clients
  • Approx.


    Branches / Regions

Provide comprehensive financial solutions to client based on their needs.


  • Individual Brokerage Services & Investment

    Trade Execution

    Portfolio Advisory & Management

    Asset Allocation

    Financing Solutions


  • Institution Investment,Financing & Risk Management

    Corporate Financial Advisory

    Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory & Execution

    Stock and Debt Capital Markets Financing

    Custodian and Clearing Sevices


  • Family Wealth Preservation & Growth

    Family Office Service

    Legacy Planning

    Customized Investment Plan


  • Brokerage Services

    Stocks, Securities Margin Trading, Stock Options, Bonds, Funds, HK Stock Connect Program, Futures IB

  • Investment Advisory

    Information Services, Investment Advisory Contract

  • Wealth Management

    Family Trust, Overseas Asset Allocation, Family Business Office.

  • Corporate Services

    IPO / Refinancing / Bond / Asset-backed Securities, Equity Pledge Financing, Custodian, Block Trading, Return Swap, Commodity, etc.

  • One-shop-stop Services for Professional Institutions

    PB: Trade, Research, Custodian, Clearing, Product Consignment, Financing, Trading Counterparties

    Bank / Trust / Insurance / Financial Corporations: Trade, Bond Selling, Investment Advisory Services

  • Product Consignment

    Public Offering, Private Placement, Fixed Income, Income Securities Issued Certificate, PE Fund, Asset Management

Client Hierarchy

Client Segmentation: Integrate resources and offer customized services to build value added to supply chain.

Client Hierarchy

Internet Platform

  • Retail Client
    Institutional Client
  • High-Net-Worth Client
  • Institutional Client
    Professional Institutions, Listed and Non-listed Companies, Financial Institutions, etc.
1 Retail Client

Client Hierarchy

Service Offering

Service Mode

  • Black

    Premium Customized Services:VIP Meeting, Investment Advisory Service,Family Office

  • Diamond

    Wealth Management Service Customization, Timely Market Information, Algorithmic Trading

  • Black Gold

    Exclusive Wealth Management Service Customization, Research Report, Tailored Financial Products and Trading, VIP Meeting

  • Platinum

    CITICS Information Service(Premium Version), Research Report Overview, Exclusive Meeting,Various Trading Tools,Futures/Option Simulation Trade,Exclusive Advisor

  • Gold

    CITICS Information Service(Exclusive Version), Birthday Privilege, New Client Exclusive Product, Selected Financial Product

    Mainly Online
  • Silver

    Intelligent Information. CITICS information, Timely Market Information, AI Client Service, etc

High-Net-Worth Client

The CITICS Wealth Preservation and Growth Service has established a “5+1” product system including “Family Trust, CITICS Exclusive FOF, Prime Selection, CITICS Prosperous FOF, Advisory Service, Oversea FOF”


  • Entrepreneur Office
    Provide comprehensive financial solutions such as wealth management, equity pledge and trading services that target entrepreneurs and shareholders.
  • Family Trust
    Act as investment consultant to needs of wealth isolation
  • Caifu Sixiang,Xinxiang Zhenxuan,Xinan Youxuan,Xinxiang Shengshi,Oversea Wealth Allocation
    Act as investment manager/consultant to provide full cycle asset allocation services
  • Wealth Management Account
    Provide asset allocation advisory leveraged on wealth management platform


  • OTC Account
    Stock and Capital Account
    Provide asset allocation advisory leveraged on wealth management platform
Product System 1Product System-Financial Products

Full Spectrum Coverage of Financial Products: Offer products with different return and risk levels according to the needs of clients Derivatives and equity-linked products serve as our specialty; Equity products have competitive advantages

  • Alternative Investment

    FoF, CTA Fund,REITS, China-overseas Mutual Connect Fund, QDII Fund, Equity Fund and Family Trust.

  • Cash Management

    Xinjinbao(or CITICS Cash Deposit Management), Tiantianlicai, Cash Appreciation, Money Market Funds

  • Equity Investment

    Public Offering Equity Fund, Hybrid Fund;Privately Offered Fund, Exclusive Account, Equity and Hybrid Asset Management Plan, Secondary Market Securities Trust

  • Fixed Income Investment

    Income Securities Issued Certificate, Tiantian Licai(Multiple Days), Xinyinbao, Xinying Fenji, Xinxiang Zhizun, Xinxiang Zhiyuan, Xinyi Series, Xinju Series, PREABS

  • Floating Income-linked Securities

    Xinxiang Global,Antai Huibao,Xinhe, Celue Dianjin,Xinhe, and Huanqiu Shangpin Structured Notes.、Xinheng Ruijin、Zhaishi Lexiang

Product Type Category Duration Return Risk
Alternative Investment REITS, Overseas Product(European Equity, HK Equity, Hedge Funds, etc.),Overseas Service(Dividend/Universal/Medical Insurance, Family Trust.American/Japanese High-end Medical Care, etc.),Public Mutual Fund(Commodity, QDII) Customized Customized Customized
Equity Investment

Public Mutual Fund:Equity Fund, Hybrid Fund

Private Offering:Private Offering Fund, Exclusive Account, Asset Management Plan(Equity, Equity Hedge, Market Neutral, CTA, Macro, PE, New OTC Market, etc.)

Normally T+1

With lock-in period,normally open monthly/quarterly





Floating Income-linke Securities Income Securities Issued Certificate:Antai Huibao, Xinhe, Xinxiang Global, Gushou Zengli, Huanqiu Shangpin, Shangpin Youxuan, Celue Dianjin, Xinheng ruijin, Zhaishi Lexiang Customized Customized Low-High
Fixed Income Investment

Income Securities Issued Certificate, Tiantianlicai(Multiple Days), Xinyinbao, Xinying Fenji

Xinxiangzhizun、Xinju series

Xinju series、PREABS series

Debt Mutual Fund


Normally 1 year

Half Year










Cash Management Tiantianlicai,Cash Appreciation,Money Mark funds,Xinjinbao(or CITICS Cash Deposit Management) Low Low Low
2Product System——Wealth Allocation

CITICS launched CITICS Family Trust in the year of 2017 under the philosophy of “Build value adding chain in accordance with the need of clients”

Wealth Management·Preservation·Growth

  • Customized allocation strategies by a professional team
  • Law/Tax Firms to provide professional services
  • Provide trust services

Asset Isolation·Succession·Distribution

    (Investment Consultant)


  • Trust Company(Trustee)

    CITICS Wealth

  • Custodian


3Product System——Others

Serve the investment and financing needs of clients

  • Stock
  • Bond
  • PB
  • Stock
  • Future IB
Information Notice

Show information of consigned financial products and futures IB according to regulatory requirements.

  • Consigned Financial Products
  • Futures IB
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