CITIC Securities is committed to improving people’s livelihood, actively fulfils its social responsibilities, responds to national policies and development strategies, and enthusiastically supports social welfare undertakings to serve the public with financial services. The Company gives full play to business advantages and empowers national development with financial services, enthusiastically supports social welfare undertakings, and actively fulfils social responsibilities by means such as donating funds to support education, helping the poor, paying attention to socially disadvantaged groups, and engaging in environmental protection.
(I). Inclusive Finance

The Company is committed to giving back to society to achieve harmonious co-existence and sustainable development. As a leading securities company in the industry, CITIC Securities actively supports inclusive finance in an effort to contribute to national development through specialized financial services.

Committed to promoting inclusive finance, the Company has participated in multiple agricultural credit asset securitization programs initiated by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), and successively completed the No.1, No.2, No.3 and No.4 special asset-backed plans of CD Finance public petty loans, raising a total of RMB 2,001 million. In 2020, CITIC Securities - CD Finance inclusive finance No. 1 Trust Beneficial Asset-backed Special Plan and CITIC Securities - CD Finance Public Petty Loans No. 11 Asset-backed Special Plan underwritten by the Company headquarters were issued, raising RMB 500 million in each issuance. CD Finance is a small and micro financial service provider rooted in poor rural areas. It aims to solve the loan problems for medium and low-income rural groups who have no access to the services of traditional financial institutions, and help them develop production and increases income. In this round of financing, CD Finance will provide more financing channels to meet the diversified financial needs of rural people in an all-round way, and promote the rapid and sound development of small and micro financial services in rural areas.

(II). Public Welfare Donations

The Company strives to be an excellent corporate citizen, enthusiastically supports social welfare undertakings by means such as leveraging financial strengths to support industries and rural revitalization; providing educational assistance to left-behind children so as to contribute to the development of education in rural areas. Overseas subsidiaries are also actively engaged in public welfare programs all over the world, and proactively fulfil our social responsibilities.

CITIC Securities has been engaged in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control. According to incomplete statistics, CITIC Securities and its subsidiaries including CITIC Futures and China AMC, donated approximately RMB 22 million in emergency assistance to Wuhan Charity Federation and follow-up support to medical workers in the fight against COVID-19 in Wuhan. CITIC Securities in active response to relevant deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. In order to support the overall development of financial anti-epidemic efforts, we supported clients in anti-epidemic construction, production and material sourcing, and made every effort to maintain the stability of the capital market. In 2020, CITIC Securities, as the principal underwriter, assisted 38 issuers in completing the issuance of 45 epidemic prevention and control bonds, raising RMB 135.3 billion in total.

In 2020, keeping social responsibilities in mind. CITIC Securities provided systematic and multi-channel financial services through our own investment platform and customer bases, to support targeted poverty alleviation through ways such as asset securitization and “Insurance + Futures” to help the economic development of poor areas and improve people’s livelihood.

CITIC Securities is deeply engaged in poverty alleviation through education, and strives to make the children in poor areas receive good education. In 2020, the Company signed the “Business-to-County” pairing action agreement with Jishishan County to help improve sanitation facilities for local middle school teachers and students; and, in cooperation with the National Council for Social Security Fund, donated medical equipment to Xinghe County and set up a general medical practitioner training program.

CLSA Chairman Trust Fund (“Trust Fund”) is committed to providing financial and human support to vulnerable groups and communities in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. The core objective of the Trust Fund is to reduce poverty and provide subsidies to small and medium-sized NGOs in a range of fields including education, health and welfare, business and environmental corporates to support quantifiable and sustainable projects. Since its establishment in 2007, the Trust Fund has set up 7,000 campus scholarships and 1,372 university scholarships, and funded a cumulate number of 4,000 free medical operations, with a donation of more than USD 27.96 million. The Trust Fund has carried out in-depth cooperation with 130 grassroots NGOs, benefiting more than 500,000 people worldwide.

Case:Educational Donations

Since 2012, CITIC Securities has cooperated with Guyuan County Government to sponsor 100 high school freshman students from needy families every year. By 2020, we have provided a total of RMB 2.72 million donation funds.In September 2020, CITIC Securities organized employees to carry out poverty alleviation activities in Guyuan County, to share their learning experience with students and encourage them to strengthen their confidence, overcome difficulties and study hard.

Case:Empowering Farmers

The Trust Fund has been supporting the independent cultivation and production of organic tea products by poor farmer households in Tengchong, Yunnan. With the help of the cooperative programme, local farmers in Tengchong, Yunnan, upgraded tea processing equipment to improve processing efficiency and tea quality; expanded the scale and acquired knowledge and skills of farming, thus raising household income.