CITIC Securities Prime Service Team has the market-leading capabilities in margin financing, short selling, securities borrowing & lending (SBL) and stock pledge-style repo. We develop innovative business patterns timely, and are committed to providing domestic & overseas institutional investors with comprehensive solutions of financing, trading and prime brokerage services.
  • Margin Trading and SBL

    Margin Financing

    Short Selling

    Securities Lending

  • Stock Repo and Financing

    Stock Pledge-style Repo

    Securities Trading with Agreed Repo

  • Trading Platform

    PB System

    Trading Platform

Client Types
  • Wealth Management Customer

  • Institutional Shareholder

  • Trust & Asset Management Institution

  • Listed Company

  • Hedge Fund

  • Limited Partnership

Margin Trading & SBL

Prime Service Team serves financial institutions, hedge funds, institutions, high-net-worth investors and retail clients with margin financing and short selling tools; Optimizing protfolio and maximizing returns from securities lending.

  • Margin Trading: clients transfer collaterals to margin accounts opened in qualified securities company, borrow funds to buy stocks(margin financing) or borrow stocks to short sell(short selling).

    High efficiency

    Appropriate leverage

    Simple operation

    Flexible elements

  • Securities Lending: lenders lend designated stocks to CSF with certain lending fee; stocks, compensation and interest return settled back to lenders by CSF by maturity.

    High return

    Low risk with CSF as counterparty

    Operational simplicity

    Various lending term options

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Stock Pledge-style Repo

Prime Service Team provides Stock Pledge-style Repo loans for corporations and high-net-worth individuals to support real economy development. Stock Pledge-style Repo is an exchange transaction tool for financing. Borrowers pledge their securities to securities companies for loans, and the pledged stocks will be released upon full repayment. Exchanges provide platforms and CSDC deals with the transfer of funds and registration of pledged collaterals.

  • Characteristics

    Fast and efficient

    various scenarios


    no need for trading transfer

    An efficient, convenient and comprehensive financing tool

  • General View of Stock Pledge-style Repo


    Pledged stocks Loan

    Securities Company


    Repayment Release pledged stocks

    Securities Company

Trading Platform
PB system
  • CITICS offers four types of PB systems: A8, CSET Plus, Think Trader and Hundsun PB.
  • A8 has a flexible mechanism of access control and a comprehensive module of risk management indicators.
    -Category: A-shares, margin financing & short selling, futures, options, Hong Kong stock connect, etc.
    -Support quantitative trading including basket trading, algorithmic trading, etc.
  • CSET Plus has mature functions like algorithmic trading, arbitrage trading, intelligent order scan and common indicators of pre-trading risk management for financial products.
    -Trading mode: basket trading, algorithmic trading, arbitrage trading, etc.
    -Function: algorithmic trading
Algorithmic Trading Platform

CITICS PB Algorithmic Trading Platform was launched in Sep.2011. The platform is based on APAMA platform and has the characteristics of high concurrency, strong extensibility and perfect stability. It has become an excellent tool for quantitative investors with its powerful execution algorithms such as TWAP,VWAP,Iceberg and VOL.

  • Exploit opportunities from market micro structure and get excess return.

  • Execute orders timely and efficiently.

  • Mitigate market impact and reduce the impact cost.

  • Smart trading.

  • Batch execute orders automatically and reduce labor cost.

  • Seize opportunities and find liquidity.