The institutional sales team, specialized in equity sales and trading services, has a long-standing experience in serving professional investment institutions, various private equity firms, wealth management institutions, and ultra-high net worth investors both domestically and abroad. We offer comprehensive financial services including research services, equity project sales, equity product marketing, equity trading services, transaction execution services, and algo trading services.
Business Introduction

Investment Research Services

Provide scientific and timely research reports, road shows, commissioned research projects, forums, etc.

Equity Issuance and Sales

Numerous successful primary market equity sales cases, providing clients with services in the sale of primary market equities.

Equity Deal Services

We provide a comprehensive set of solutions to address the customized requirements of external clients and other business lines or departments for equity investment and transaction activities.

Comprehensive Trading Services

  • With excellent performance and strict risk control, we provide a cross-market ALGO trading system for multiple assets and strategies.
  • Through special entrusted trading, we provide clients with customized trading execution services based on their needs for daily trading and shareholder purchasing/selling stocks.
  • We also provide smart trading tools and trading assistant tools for the trading process.

Product Sales

Provide clients with sales services for a package of financial products (including primary/secondary markets), and collaboratively recommend the company’s services from other business lines.

Corporate Access

Provide professional services such as corporate visits, meetings on special topic, expert services, corporate forums, etc.

Algo Trading

We provide cross-market automated trading execution services for multiple assets and strategies, which can ensure execution efficiency, protect trading intentions, capture trading opportunities and obtain Alpha gains from the trading links.

Based on the trading microstructure, market data and real-time info, we utilize computer programs and mathematical models to determine the timing, price and quantity of orders, and split orders intelligently rather than mechanically.

Our Smart Series Algo beats the market average price by 2bps in 2022. The total turnover traded with our Algo in 2022 exceeded 4.2 trillion yuan, of which more than 70% of orders were filled by price making.

We also send TCA (Trading Cost Analysis) reports every month.

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Special Entrusted Trading

We provide clients with customized trading execution services based on needs for daily trading and shareholders purchasing/selling stocks, including but not limited to:

  • Stock purchasing by shareholders/ ESOP
  • Stock selling by controlling shareholders/state-owned shareholders
  • Stock selling by foreign strategic investors
  • Stock selling by private placement shareholders
  • Share buy-back of listed companies on the secondary market
  • “B to A” stocks selling
  • “H-share full circulation” stocks selling
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  • listed
  • high net-worth
  • ESOP
  • private
  • private equity
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We have an experienced trading execution team:

  • One of the first QFII & WFOE trading teams in the A-share market, based in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • We provide standard Chinese & English trading execution services and our trading team has an average experience of over 15 years.
  • We have a special trading line for institutions, a high-speed trading channel, and a strong trading system.
  • We provide a variety of electronic trading strategies for different orders.
  • We set complete trading procedures and strict compliance control to reduce the risk of trading errors.

The years from 2020 to 2022

Asia Money

The best sales trading service in China

The best trading execution in China

The year of 2014

The best domestic trading brokerage in China Mainland

Trading Assistant Tools & Services

  • Block trading matching services:
    With an abundant and reliable block trading stock pool, CITIC Securities is a core block trading market maker acknowledged by most professional investors
  • Info Express: A smart announcement notifying tool